Flower Alfame

I have set this flower
on glowing fire
To light up all
the savage
dark places

Not to extinguish the black
but to defy it
in contrasting brilliance

My gift to you.


Wake uP, Nothingness skinZ

Wake uP

Before the screaming iS

In your facE

Media addicT

Trend SluT

Floating in a ceramic bowL

Of greed and gluttony’s makinG

Waste of space nothingness skinZ

Wake the fuck uP

Or diE

I Love

I love that the smell of you is gone

I love that my time is my own

I love that there is silence

‘stead of disapproving looks

I love that I can touch whatever I want

without worry of upset or disrespect

I love that there is no knee jerk dissent

I love that all I have to figure out is

what to do with the last remnants of you.