Paisley Bay’s debut

Into the Dream Never

Dream Warriors are real, and they battle for your sanity every day. The most unlikely heroes walk the between corridors of the Dream Never to battle the decay which would eat away at the boundaries of your dreams.

My contribution to an anthology called Horror:Odd and Bizarre


The Backfire Effect

Sad but true.

You Are Not So Smart

The Misconception: When your beliefs are challenged with facts, you alter your opinions and incorporate the new information into your thinking.

The Truth: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger.

Wired, The New York Times, Backyard Poultry Magazine – they all do it. Sometimes, they screw up and get the facts wrong. In ink or in electrons, a reputable news source takes the time to say “my bad.”

If you are in the news business and want to maintain your reputation for accuracy, you publish corrections. For most topics this works just fine, but what most news organizations don’t realize is a correction can further push readers away from the facts if the issue at hand is close to the heart. In fact, those pithy blurbs hidden on a deep page in every newspaper point to one of the most powerful forces shaping the…

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What’s good with the world?
Blinded pigs who suffer the throes of bread and circuses
Muffle up some circumstances
and pass the processed meat (eat your neighbor, it’s okay).
Humanity… That’s what all we’re made of.
Dystopian reality confounded by
electro-sonic frequency
Look the other way…
Mother… suckers… -.-

Behind My Uncle’s Schizophrenia

Thoughts on Niemand


My 69-year-old uncle Henry gazed into the jaws of the Natural History Museum’s biggest celebrity, Thomas the T. Rex, who was frozen in a silent roar.

I asked Henry, “How do you define danger?”

Henry answered, “Everything.”

I made a mental note. Later, I added the entry to the unique dictionary Henry and I are creating together. We call it a “thicktionary.” It documents the language of his mental illness. Other entries include Chicano, which means Americano, and alligator, which means you want to make friends with them but they have their own defensive mechanisms.

Henry, my oldest paternal uncle, has lived a life that’s constantly taken him in and out of danger – a life that has made me consider about what danger really means.

Even in my earliest memories of Henry, I feared the words that might come out of his mouth.

“Real estate on the moon,” he…

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I Love

I love that the smell of you is gone

I love that my time is my own

I love that there is silence

‘stead of disapproving looks

I love that I can touch whatever I want

without worry of upset or disrespect

I love that there is no knee jerk dissent

I love that all I have to figure out is

what to do with the last remnants of you.