The Secret War of Spiders on Me Continues

I had to put the first part out of my head so I could work, until I got home. After that, it was the Crying Game shower and a night of random twitchy flailing. Some people I know would have died. Like… literally driven into the farmhouse I was passing, taken out the family of 3.25 and willfully crashed INTO the gas stove to be sure the whole car went up in a fireball. For serious, because… spider.

I felt something on my arm. I look down, and lo, a freaking spider had shot me in the arm with its web and was traversing from the window to my arm. Hardly the first time some idiot spider has thought I would make a good anchor. WTF. I rolled down the window and it blew out… I was also howling like a … yeah. So, to avoid the heebie jeebies, I did what I could to put that out of my mind. Fluffy bunny mantra.

Fluffy bunny. Cute fluffy bunny. Filling my thoughts. Fluffy bunny…


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