Funtimes, Strangetimes

Yesterday was interesting. I was invited over to a virtual stranger’s house any time. Gave me his address and everything. Dude practically had tears in his eyes when he praised me for being independent. Awkward. I realize my life is kinda pathetic at this turn of the page but…. tearworthy? I seriously need to step up in the world if people are tearing up and offering me dinner at their house. Do I really look that skinny?

Anyway. The linked page below reminded me of a conversation had while finding out what someone was looking for. Aluminum window shades. Why? To help block dirty electricity. It was fascinating. I don’t really believe or disbelieve stuff as a rule. The world is full of weirdness, and quantum physics is proving a lot of weird stuff to be in some marginal way, truthful, if excessive in most regards.

But he started going at mach 3 with the words and talking on 9/11 and the seventh building and material falling speeds and then moved on to something called the Georiga guide stone or code stone or something… told me to look stuff up on some site I can’t remember. It was funtimes.

Human logic has some wack variables thrown in… it is a good cautionary tale to check one’s own logic tallys.


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