There is a Lesson in Here Somewhere

My son insisted on getting me my own Minecraft account. I usually use his dad’s. But now that I have my own, I had to get my own skin and be evil!cute. I have a little evil!house with and evil!town full of monsters, you see. So, he  and I were playing on a server he built to test my account. And I ask him, “How do I look?”

And he says, “Like Steve.”

Steve is the basic model. Ugly plain Steve. I hit F5 and see the cute ash haired 8bit figure… and then I look at his screen and I freaked out. I really did. Really embarrassing, but true. I practically screamed, “OMG! I don’t want to look like that!!! Why can’t you see my skin?”

He looked at me like I spoke a strange language.

“But, mom, you don’t look like that.”

He meant that I looked like the avatar I chose. Not the one he sees.

There is a lesson in here, somewhere.


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