The Problem with an ADD Brain

So many subjects and they all want to spill out at once. I feel like I am in a room crowded full of boxes and none have top priority on them. And. I in a panic, flail; I don’t want to choose the wrong one first. The awkward first stumble of someone trying to blog for ten minutes a day. Building a routine where it is easiest before doing battle upon the impossible.

I know that when I get through what seems impossible I will wonder why I thought that was so hard. The way it always goes. Why are our own minds such liars to ourselves? They lie and lie and make big struggles out of what could be nothing. IF WE could ONLY approach it with the RIGHT mindset. So. Every day I pray to God, To Buddha, Allah, and the Great Spirit to help me shove back the sickness, the hopelessness, the pain and dread that is existence. Help me find me; revel in it. Somehow I guess I chose to be here.

I have a different person living in my body that deserves to be let out.


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